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St. John's College

Almer Mater

The college was once the focal point for us all in our lives.

Now it has closed and has been reduced to a development site.

This is where the latest news in its development will be posted.

It is also where its history can be recorded and shared.

SJC development plans

As time goes by, more about the future of the SJC site is becoming more clear.

The project is now listed under the title

'Southsea village Ltd.'



and the plans can be scrutinised on the Portsmouth planning web site reference


SJC archives news

As the time passes and the developer discovers more about the site that it has bought, more archives are becoming evident. It will take time to create an inventory, but the material will be a great resource and no doubt of great interest once we can make it available to the membership.

Subsequent to the developer's open day, we are now in a far better position to judge what to keep and how and where to keep it. Our archives representative (Steve Bedingham) has started a conversation with the developers, who appear to be very supportive of our efforts to conserve the history and associated artifacts of the college.

There is a great deal of material that has become available to us, including a significant amount that we were either unaware of or had lost any reference to where it was being stored.

Our first task is to catalogue everything and then publish it to the membership.

We then want to find a permanent and affordable storage facility and transfer the material there.

Digitising the material either converting it to text, replicating pictures and photos and photographing physical items so that they can also be posted on to this web site for members to peruse.

So far it is all very positive, and we look forward to moving forward on this project.

If there are any of you OJ's out there that would be able to help with this task, please do not hesitate to contact Steve.


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